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Programs – Masters 1.0

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Programs – Masters 1.0

Masters 1.0

Master Real-World Obedience

Equip Your Dog with Unshakeable Discipline Amidst Life’s Chaos.

In the real world, situations arise that simply can’t be mimicked within the confines of the classroom training space. That’s why our expert Masters 1.0 program is designed to equip your canine with unshakeable impulse control and steadfast obedience commands, even amidst chaotic environments. Rest assured, your dog will be conditioned to maintain composure and discipline, no matter the circumstances they encounter. This could be the beginning stages of entering into the Hamilton/Burlington Pet Visitation Program or Pet Therapy should you want to.

Programs – Masters 1.0
Programs – Masters 1.0

This course will take us to numerous public spaces around Hamilton as we teach your dog how to handle the unpredictability of public environments. Witness a remarkable increase in your dog’s confidence and a strengthened attentiveness towards you, yielding astounding outcomes. Through our expert guidance, your dog will be equipped to trust in your leadership, navigating confidently under your direction, irrespective of the location or the activities around.

Programs – Masters 1.0

Each course is 7 weeks long. 1 hour per week. $400 + HST

Next Available Start Dates

  • Monday, January 22 @ 7 pm – Full

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