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Family Fun Agility

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Family Fun Agility

Family Fun Agility

Build on the foundation to create more fun!

Unleash a world of fun and bonding with our advanced agility courses! It is the ultimate outing for you and your canine companion!

Family Fun Agility
Family Fun Agility

Elevate your dog’s agility training journey to unparalleled heights with our dynamic, ever-changing courses that fuse education with exhilaration! Each week, we introduce innovative skills and fresh challenges, ensuring an endlessly engaging experience for both you and your canine companion. Far more than a routine class, this program demands mental agility from your dog as they keenly interprets your cues, nimbly navigating through intricately designed agility courses. Prepare to be amazed at the newfound synergy between you and your dog, all while basking in the thrill of accomplishment!

Family Fun Agility (6-week course) $300 + HST

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